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Pearl Couscous Salad
June 21, 2010, 2:31 am
Filed under: Company, pasta, side dish

2 boxes of couscous
frozen corn
frozen peas
olive oil
salt/garlic powder/anything else
herbs of your choice (chives, dill, cilantro?)

Cook the couscous according to box directions. This type of couscous is very large and known as Pearl or Israeli couscous. Let cool. Add in corn and peas to your preference (I usually do 2 parts couscous, 1 part veggies). Add in olive oil and seasoning for flavor. Delicious!

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I never thought of adding veggies to couscous. Mark and I tried this last night with some modifications. We had it warm, because that’s Mark’s preference. I diced up an onion and sauteed until brown in olive oil, then cut up some fresh parsley, added the couscous and salt and pepper and sauteed for a minute or two. We added boiling water (per instructions on the box, which suggested more water if adding onion). Then I cooked up frozen corn and peas and found some frozen pearl onions, so I threw those in too. I combined the couscous and veggies after the couscous finished cooking.

It was delicious — a little like fried rice, but the pearl couscous gives it a really nice texture and the veggies were the perfect addition!

Comment by Heidi

Wow, that sounds great! I love your idea of onion. I could see liking it warm in the winter served with some chicken. I’m so excited you made something i posted!! yay!

Comment by craftylassie

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